The Azkarra S is equiped with a black leather racing D-shaped NRG steering wheel for optimal grip. A black suede steering wheel is also offered as an option, as well as steering wheels with red stitching. 

The design of the various direction components of the Azkarra S has been done in a way to offer an instantaneous and direct response from the vehicle, enabling the driver to be one with the Azkarra S on the road.

The Azkarra S is the "Sportiva" model from Girfalco. This version offers three-wheel drive with torque vectoring, maximizing traction on the road and the efficience of the power at the disposal of the driver; all equipements required for a pleasurable drive are added to that. It is the quickest vehicle in its category and is in very good company if we include four-wheel vehicles! It is an all-electric vehicle equipped with three motors, one for each wheel, and put at the disposal of the driver torque vectoring, a world's first in the three-wheel vehicle industry. 


A refined style complementing your vehicle. The Azkarra S comes equiped with Misano Anthracite or Turin Silver wheels; various customization options are also available.

Estimated price: C$97,500


Maximizing the driving enjoyability, the Azkarra S comes equiped with leatherette adjustable seats, offering all the required comfort and necessary support to minimize lateral body movements when driving on a road with numerous curves. Various color options are offered to our clients.

Enabling you to enjoy your ride, the Azkarra S is also equiped with a radio offering a full range of functionalities, including Bluetooth®, AM/FM, two auxiliary inputs and two USB inputs. Kenwood speakers gives you all the required power and an excellent sound quality; great attention has been given in optimally positioning the speakers to give you the best possible sound experience in a vehicle with no roof, such as the Azkarra S.


The Azkarra S is equipped with powerful and performing braking system, of which components are manufactured by Wilwood, a world renowned company known for the quality, performance and durability of its braking systems. The distinctive caliper of the Azkarra S is shinny black. 


We have made no compromises for the tires that will be offered for the Azkarra S. The Azkarra S will have as standard equipment Yokohama S.Drive tires or Bridgestone Potenza RE71R tires, and one additional option is made available: Pirelli P-Zero Corsa tires. No matter which you will ultimately choose, these are undoubtedly high performance tires that will glue the Azkarra S to the road.

The perfect combination between classism and modernity

The Azkarra allies perfectly classic and modern elements, therefore creating a design that will resist the test of time. A resolutely sports look with which the Azkarra is inaugurating a new era in the world of three-wheel vehicles accommodating two passengers side by side. 

Precision at your command

Your heart pounds faster. You try to control it with your breathing. You are one with your Azkarra and the road. Every single one of your commands is obeyed instantaneously and surgically. Feel the road under you, with its climbs, descents and curves. Live the driving precision that the Azkarra gives you.

Sports-like but still pleasing

In the design of the Azkarra, the Girfalco team as given great attention to the comfort and ergonomics of the cockpit. For a long road trip or a track day, the Azkarra is comfortable and fun to drive. Various adjustments are offered enabling you to adapt your azkarra to your optimal driving position.