19 mars 2017 / March 19, 2017

Motor 16 (ES)

1er Mars 2017 / March 1st, 2017

Prime Living Magazine (ENG)

"Truly a magical moment that you might expect on the big screen."

24 février 2017 / February 24, 2017

Times Colonist (ENG)

31 janvier 2017 / January 31, 2017

Katalog Automobilu (CZ)

"The whole machine is full of nice details [...]."

25 janvier 2017 / January 25, 2017

The Truth About Cars (ENG)

Top Gear - Russia (RU)

Auto.cz (CZ)

21 janvier 2017 / January 21, 2017

Automotive News Canada (ENG)

9 janvier 2017 / January 9, 2017

The Octane Lounge (ENG)

16 décembre 2016 / December 16, 2016

La Presse (FR)

12 décembre 2016 / December 12, 2016

Luxios (ENG)

"Girfalco have already made waves by unveiling their new three wheeled vehicle, a highly futuristic project that is set to revolutionise how we view electric cars in the coming years."

Preferred Magazine (ENG)

"Performance & Beauty that turns heads."

9 décembre 2016 / December 9, 2016

Le Blog Auto (FR)

​Le Moniteur Automobile (FR)

Auto Motor (HU)

8 décembre 2016 / December 8, 2016

Electrek (FR)

7 décembre 2016 / December 7, 2016

Auto Scene Eleven (Video)

6 décembre 2016 / December 6, 2016


CNN Türk (TR)

ÉcoloAuto (FR)

Handi.Tech (ENG)

"New Girfalco Azkarra EV maybe is the proof that the electric car has so much potential. [...] And, when you see what it looks like, you will finally understand, that this car is special."

5 décembre 2016 / December 5, 2016

Motor1 (FR)

Motor Legend (FR)

Canada Moto Guide (ENG)

Drive.ru (RU)

4 décembre 2016 / December 4, 2016

Motor Globe (RU)

"Canadian Girfalco ​can be the fastest electric sports car."

Bandenspotter (NL)

"It would be one of the fastest accelerating cars ever."

3 décembre 2016 / December 3, 2016

Motor Authority (ENG)

Left Lane (ENG)

2 décembre 2016 / December 2, 2016

Les Affaires (FR) + Vidéo

CleanTechnica (ENG)

Journal de Montréal (FR)

"C'est léger, très puissant, donc très performant."

Le Guide de l'auto (FR)


1er décembre 2016 / December 1st, 2016

Journal de Montréal (FR)

AutoBild (SK)

29 novembre 2016 / November 29, 2016

AutoBlog (GR)

MontrealRacing (FR)

28 novembre 2016 / November 28, 2016

ÉcoloAuto (FR)

​​Le Blog Auto (FR)

​​Le Guide de l'auto (FR)​

​​Detik Oto (IN)

​​Motor A Fondo (ES)

​Carscoops (ENG)

26 novembre 2016 / November 26, 2016

​​​Left Lane (ENG)

​​ShenzhenWare (CN)

25 novembre 2016 / November 25, 2016​

​​Bandenspotter (NL)

All Auto Experts (ENG)

"You know the cool 3 Wheeler from UK? Well, it’s about to get a rival, straight from Canada, dubbed Girfalco Azkarra."

​​All Car Index (ENG)

​​Digital Trends (ENG)

"Girfalco boldly promises the Azkarra S will be the quickest model in its category, and capable of keeping up with more expensive four-wheeled cars."

24 novembre 2016 / November 24, 2016

​​Motor 1 (FR)

"Cette sorte de voiture deux places va proposer une conduite sportive tout en offrant les équipements équivalent à une voiture haute de gamme."

​​Drive Spark (ENG)

"Canadian automotive startup Girfalco is not a company that many automotive fans know but its upcoming three-wheeled electric vehicle may just change that in a hurry."

​​ZERauto (NL)

​​​Drive.ru (RU)


​EcoTechnica (RU)

23 novembre 2016 / November 23, 2016

​Inside Hook (ENG)

"Another contender to the electric car throne has emerged."

​​Motor Authority (ENG)

"Move over Morgan; a Canadian sports car startup is working on a rival to the British firm’s EV3 electric 3 Wheeler and it promises to be one of the fastest accelerating cars in production."

​​Autovisie (NL)

22 novembre 2016 / November 22, 2016


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